Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peyton's Place

Colts fans if you didn't see this coming you haven't really been paying attention.  Today the Colts cut ties with Peyton Manning after 14 seasons.  Manning threw for almost 55 thousand yards and 399 touchdowns in Indy.  He was a 4 time MVP and took them to the Super Bowl twice winning in 2007.  The problem is the huge contract the team signed with him a number of years ago calls for Peyton to receive a $28 million dollar roster bonus later this week.  Sorry but NO player--especially 35 year olds coming off neck surgery--is worth about a quarter of a team's salary cap.  Manning and the Colts were heading to this day months ago. The decision would have been much harder if Manning hadn't missed all of the just completed season and had surgery twice during the past 10 months or so. 

Now the 28 million dollar question is will anyone sign Manning.  Quarterback starved teams like the Dolphins, Redskins, Jets, Jacksonville, Oakland and Denver could be bidders.  I also think Manning is going to want to go to a team that has a chance to contend.  He's not playing for a paycheck.  Peyton is already a Hall of Famer and doesn't need to pad his Canton resume...he wants to prove the Colts wrong and lead a team back to the promised land.

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