Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ok I get the whole Jeremy Lin thing.  He has come on the scene out of nowhere in the last few weeks to claim the top spot in the sports news.  Mind you after the Super Bowl there has been no significant news so the timing has been perfect.  Lin is a great story having been cut by the Warriors after last season and by the Rockets before this season started.  Frankly if the Knicks didn't have all the injuries in the last month or so Lin would still be sitting on the end of the bench.  None the less the 2nd year player has taken advantage of his situation...that in of itself is a great lesson.

Lin's meteoric rise has led to unintended consequences.  1 ESPN employee has been fired and another suspended after racial slurs, related to Lin's Asian American background,  were uttered.  In both cases the ESPN web employee and the News Anchor were just trying to be clever.  I get clever but that doesn't excuse stupid.  In both these cases the pair were trying to find something new to add to the Lin-sanity.  The move cost the Web employee his job while the anchor was suspended.  I'm sure both regret their "slips" but that is not an excuse.  If you are a professional you have to stay within the boundaries.  It is just that simple.


Jessica Jane said...

Great story you have posted on your blog, i enjoy it and learn many things from your post.


Gamer vista said...

Linsanity is a new word right now with regards on the stardome of Jeremy Lin. I was proud to his down to earth personality and a God fearing person too.

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