Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ground game

Over the past decade or so the NFL has changed the rules to heavily favor the Quarterback and the passing game.  That being said it could be running games that have a huge impact in the 4 playoff games this weekend. 

The 9ers will use Frank Gore to control the clock and keep Drew Brees and his high powered passing game off the field as San Fran hosts the Saints.  In Foxboro Saturday evening the Broncos will try and pound Willis McGehee at the soft Patriots defense.  This also is an effort  to limit the number of opportunities for Tom Brady and New England. 

On Sunday in Baltimore both teams will try and run to set up the pass.  In the Ravens case Ray Rice is vital to opening up the passing lanes for Joe Flacco.  For the Texans they need their tandem of Arian Foster and Ben Tate to take the pressure off 1st year QB T-J Yates.  In the win over the Bengals last week, in the Wild Card playoff game, Foster and Tate rushed for 190 yards on 33 carries while Yates threw 20 passes completing 11 for 159 yards.

In the final playoff game on Sunday the Giants will try to control the ball with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw to keep Aaron Rogers off the field. 

Don't be surprised if early on the 9ers, Broncos, Ravens, Texans and G-men try to establish the run to gain the upper hand in their Divisional playoff games.


Saints over 49ers  Sat 4:30
Patriots beat the Tebows--err Broncos  Sat 8p
Ravens drop the Texans  (Sun 12:30p on WSBA)
Giants surprise the Packers  Sun 4:30p

Last week 1-4   Overall 61-36  63%

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