Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ravens offense

The Ravens offense has come under a lot of criticism this year for not being explosive enough.  I agree they are not the Saints or the Packers and Joe Flacco isn't Drew Brees or Aaron Rogers.  However, I think the Ravens offense and Flacco are getting a bum deal. 

Flacco has faced a top 10 defense almost every week this season and the team is 13-4 and playing in the AFC Championship game.  Not bad if I might say so.  Look it up in 12 of the 17 games, the Ravens played this year, they have faced a team in the top 10 of the final defensive statistics this season.  2 games each, in the division, against the Steelers (#1) Bengals (#7) and Browns (#10).  Then 2 games against the #2 defense in the Texans, and single games against the 9ers (#4), Jets (#5),  Jags (#6)  and Seattle (#9).  Conversely the Patriots faced 4 top 10 defenses this season having played the Steelers, Jets twice and the Eagles.

Lets see how Tom Brady and the Patriots would have fared against those tough schemes every week.  I don't think he would have thrown for over 5000 yards and they wouldn't have been 13-4.  Give Flacco some credit for doing what he needs to win and at the end of the day that is what it is all about.  For crying out loud the guy has won 48 games in his first 4 years in the league.  NO one has done that in the history of the NFL!

We have seen what good defenses can do to good offenses in January.  The #4 ranked 9ers pestered Drew Brees and company into 5 turnovers and in Green Bay the Packers turned the ball over 4 times in their loss to the suddenly healthy Gaints defense. The Saints and the Packers will be watching from their couch on Sunday when Fu Manchu Joe is slinging it Sunday afternoon in Foxboro.

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