Tuesday, January 10, 2012

She Said What

Not sure I understand the statement that tennis player Serena Williams recently made.  She says never liked sports or anything physical and doesn't love tennis.  That is quite a statement by a 13 time Tennis Grand Slam winner.  Imagine if she had the burning desire for sports and tennis how good a player she would have been.  I suspect some of this is out of frustration about the current state of her game.  Injuries have dropped the 30 year old out of the top 10 rankings.   Williams has been a professional for half her life and may just be burned out.  She was driven by her father, from a young age,  to be a tennis player.  This also might be a bit of rebellion as her career enters its twilight.  Serena, and her sister Venus,  have carved out a huge place in the history of the game and you would hope, moving forward, they would be ambassadors for the sport.  Somehow--at least in Serena's case--that's not going to happen.  Too bad tennis could use some more icons to create interest in the sport.

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