Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I believe-what I know

This will be my last post of 2011.  Some might say good riddance to the year.  However some of the big stories of 2011 are going to linger into 2012.

Here is what I believe will happen in the New Year and some of what I know.

I know that the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse case will linger for most of the 2012.  What I believe--Sandusky will eventually reach a plea agreement in the case.

I know Penn State will finally pick a new head football coach.  I believe the program will NEVER be as big a draw as it was under Joe Paterno.

I know that this has been an incredibly disappointing season for Eagles fans.  I believe that Andy Reid will not be fired.  He will however have to turn around a downward trend in Philly to survive after 2012.

I believe the Saints are the best team in the NFL.  I know that Drew Brees and company have the most potent offense in the game and a defense that is good enough to stop the likes of the Packers or any AFC opponent.

I believe the Angels will be the A-L representative in the World Series.  I know that Artie Moreno's move to sign 1st baseman Albert Pujols and lefty C-J Wilson were very bold moves.  Adding Pujols gives the Halos a bat in the middle of a strong line-up.  Wilson goes from ace in Texas to #3 or possibly #4 starter in Anaheim.

I believe the Orioles will have their first winning season in years.  I know that the move of hiring Dan Duquette as the GM was a good step.

I believe the Phillies will be a contender for the NL pennant.  I know they will have to be more consistent at the plate if they hope to win another World Series.


Bengals beat the Ravens (Sun 3:45pm on WSBA)
Steelers beat the Browns
Eagles over Redskins (Sun Noon 96.1 WSOX)
#24 Penn State over #21 Houston  (Mon 10:30a on WSBA)

Last week 4-1  Overall 58-30

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