Friday, December 16, 2011


Right now Pitt football fans must be thinking what did they do to deserve this.  Earlier this week 1st year Head Coach Todd Graham bolted for the Arizona desert and the Sun Devils job.  If you are a Panthers fan just say good riddance.  This is a man who told them taking over the Pitt program was a dream job. In case you were wondering he said the Sun Devils job was also a dream job.  This guy must spend a lot of time in bed with all his dreams.  He led Pitt to a 6-6 record in 1 season and seemed to blame every loss on the players failures and took no responsibility.  I say good riddance because Graham is just a lying carpetbagger.  This is the 2nd school he has ditched after just 1 season. Graham even left Pitt after the athletic department denied a request by Arizona State to interview him.

Pitt hasn't had the best of luck lately with the football program.  They are now in the process of looking for their 4th head coach in 13 months.  However I think I have the answer to their troubles.  Hire Penn State Interim Coach Tom Bradley.  He has no chance of getting the gig in Unhappy Valley full time and has proven to be VERY loyal.  Bradley has been coaching at Penn State for over 30 years.  He has applied for the Pitt job twice.  He knows the recruiting roads in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and New Jersey and might take a few players away from Penn State.  Bradley might bring some respect back to the Pitt program.  I hear those cries of he had to know what was going on with Sandusky at Penn State.  No one has implicated him in the scandal that surrounds the Nittany Lion program.  Bradley is just a solid football coach.  Solid is what Pitt needs right now.  Stop with trying to hit a home run with the "hot" coach. Go with solid and the transition from the Big East to the ACC will be smooth and maybe successful.

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