Thursday, December 1, 2011


The NBA and its players came to their senses over the holiday weekend and finally hammered out a new collective bargaining agreement that gives both sides what they want.  The owners get about 300 million dollars a year in savings and the players still get the chance to earn big salaries.  The league says the season will start on Christmas.  I've got to say I think this should be the new normal for the NBA.  Cut the season down by about 2 months and play about 60-65 games in a season.  This seems about right for me.  I don't care, or start paying attention to the NBA,  until after the Bowl Season ends, anyway.  The sports landscape is pretty crowded for the first 2 months of the season with the MLB Playoffs, NFL, and College Football all crowding early season NBA games out of our minds.  However once January comes around baseball is over, College Football is done and the NFL season is winding down...the NBA only has to share the spotlight with College Hoops.  This is further proof that the NBA is better suited for the shorter season starting around the Christmas holiday.  Somehow I don't think David Stern will listen to me and follow my advice.


Eagles over the Seahawks  (Thur 7:30 on 96.1 WSOX)
Wisconsin over Michigan State 
LSU over Georgia
Ravens over the Browns  (Sun 3:30 on WSBA)
Bengals beat the Steelers

Last Week 6-0  Overall 47-26