Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Once again we have further proof that the top level of college football needs a playoff.  LSU and Alabama will face off for a 2nd time this season in the BCS Championship game in New Orleans on January 9th.  The Tide could be champs of college football without beating the team that WAS a Division and Conference champ.  Doesn't seem very fair to me.  In early November  LSU beat Alabama 9-6 in overtime.  The Bayou Tigers then went on to win the SEC West and then beat Georgia in the SEC Title game.  I think we would all agree that LSU deserves to be in the Title game.  However Alabama over Oklahoma State not so.  Alabama couldn't win their division and didn't have to beat another ranked team to be the Conference champ...something the Cowboys did.  Some might argue that Ok State's loss to an unranked Iowa State shows they are inferior to the Tide...I would say B%S.  Oklahoma State won a conference that included 3 other ranked teams.  I think the main facto, in the Cowboys losing the shot at the B%S Title game, is their losing the next to last game of the regular season while the Tide fell to LSU in with 4 weeks left in the season.

I say scrap this idiotic system and go with a full fledged playoff.  Let's decide it on the field.  All the other divisions in college football decide the champ with a playoff...do it for the biggest schools...end of discussion.  I think an 8 team 3 week playoff would work.  The first 4 Quarterfinals games could be played at the Orange, Rose, Sugar and Fiesta Bowl sites on New Year's Day....Semifinals the following week and the Championship game the following week.  All 3 rounds could be played while players are OUT of school on Christmas break.  So no more arguments that players will miss class time.  Games would be done by mid January and players wouldn't miss a day of classes.  If I can figure this out then all those genius' running the college's should be able to figure it out too!

Here is this year's Bracket--using the top 8 in the final B%S poll

LSU v Kansas State @ Sugar Bowl
Alabama v Boise State@ Orange Bowl
Oklahoma State  v Arkansas  @ Fiesta Bowl
Stanford v Oregon @ Rose Bowl

Semifinals @ Cowboys Stadium-Dallas....Reliant Field Houston
Sugar Plays Fiesta Winner in 1 Semi and the other has Orange winner taking on Rose Winner.  (flip the match-ups each year)

Championship-Jack Murphy Stadium-San Diego

Semi-final winners.

Pretty simple stuff.

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