Friday, November 11, 2011

What's Normal

You have to wonder how long it takes for things to return to normal at Penn State.  I think this stain on the University will take a long time to wash out.  Over the next few years their will be reminders about the horrible scandal that has cost Joe Paterno his job and sterling reputation.  First there will be a preliminary hearing for Jerry Sandusky on 40 sex abuse charges in about a month. There will be hearings for former Athletic Director Tim Curley and of course there are the perceptions that the University swept the allegations under the rug.   Watch for lawsuits to be filed against the University by some of Sandusky's victims as well.

My belief is the alums will be the savior for Penn State.  Their loyalty will be what helps clean the stain off of College Avenue.  However those alums, and the supporters of the University,  have to accept that Penn State enabled Jerry Sandusky for almost a deacde and a half and possibly longer.  Once the supporters have accepted the mistakes made by Mike McQueary, Joe Paterno, Tim Curley and Graham Spainer they can help the school rise from the ashes.  No one disputes Jerry Sandusky's actions are inexcusable.  He is a monster who preyed on young boys.  The former Penn State coach was just a flawed man who made mistakes like all of us.  The one thing I hope EVERYONE takes away from this whole thing is that if you learn about such a heinous crime...don't worry about the chain of the police.


#19 Nebraska over #12 Penn State (Sat 10:30a on WSBA)
#4 Stanford over #7 Oregon
Ravens downs Seahawks  (Sun 3:30p on WSBA)
Steelers beat the Bengals
Eagles beat the Cards (Sun 12n on 96.1 WSOX)
Patriots over the Jets

Last Week 1-4....Overall 34-21

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