Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Very Unhappy Valley

I think the debate over whether Joe Paterno continues to coach the Nittany Lions after this season is over.  Paterno will not survive the firestorm about his role in the child sexual abuse scandal surrounding former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky.  Peterno did follow the letter of the law in reporting the allegations to A-D Tim Curley a decade ago.  My beef with Joe Pa is he NEVER followed up.  In fact I think Paterno should have told his former QB Mike McQuery to call police and tell them what he say in a shower in the football building.  Legally Paterno is ok...morally he is bankrupt.  If anyone approached me and told me that he had witnessed a 10 year old boy being raped in a shower at the school I wouldn't have hesitated to tell that student he needs to report that HEINOUS crime to police.  In Paterno's case he called his boss and NEVER asked another question about the report.  We are not talking about taking a stapler or some paperclips.  We are talking about rape.

The stain on the University and the football program can only be removed if Paterno is removed.  In fact I truly believe the punishment handed out by Curley--banning Sandusky from University Buildings--was criminal negligence.  The fact that Curley and his boss President Graham Spanier knew about serious allegations and failed to call police shows they are morally bankrupt as well.

It is time for the University Trustees to break out the brooms and clean out Paterno, Curley and Spanier.

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