Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wild Card Playoffs

The NFL playoffs kick off this weekend. Most of the time the first round games are dogs. Don't know why but that seems to be the trend. Remember last year when everyone predicted the Patriots would crush the Ravens in the 1st round. Turned out exactly the opposite. Some teams limp to the first round with so many injuries that they can't win in the 17th game of the season. To that end I actually think 2 of the 4 games this weekend will be pretty good.

The best games will be the Jets & Colts in Indy on Saturday night and the Packers @ the Eagles Sunday afternoon. I think the Colts are starting to get healthy and will end the season for Sexy Rexy and the Jets. Packers take down the Eggles (96.1 WSOX 3:30p) in the Linc. As for the other games...the Ravens roll by the Chiefs (WSBA 12:30p)...the Saints end the NFL embarrassment and beat the Seachicks.

One other thought. I like Auburn over Oregon in the BCS Title game (7p ESPN 1440). I think the Tigers are going to manhandle the undersized Ducks. Look for Cam Newton to make his college swan song a real tour de force.

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