Friday, January 14, 2011

Classy Fans

Not sure if you heard about the classy actions of some Eagles fans last weekend in Philly. An Allentown college professor and his son were attending the game. Problem was the Professor and his son were Packers fans. They waited for the gates to open at the Linc in their car while Eagles fans tailgated around them. About 90 minutes before the game they went in the stadium. When they came back after the game they found that their car had been vandalized. Some lights had been broken and the side mirrors torn from the car. Now some would say this could have happened in any parking lot before any college or NFL team. I would agree and that is the problem. Not sure why anyone wants to spend hours standing in a parking lot drinking before a game they have paid hundreds of dollars for. I hope some of these people have designated drivers...somehow I DOUBT it.


Steelers over the Ravens (Sat 4p on WSBA)
Patriots over the Falcons
Bears beat the Seahawks
Patriots silence the Jets

Last Week 3-2 Overall-57-31

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