Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Randy Edsall

I hear a lot of screaming and gnashing of teeth from the Maryland faithful about the hiring of Glen Rock native Randy Edsall as the new football head coach. Many have said this is a lateral hire from ousted Coach Ralph Friedgen. I would disagree. Friedgen has never been able to raise the profile of Terps football despite significant upgrades to the facilities in College Park. Need I remind those fans that the Terps were 2-10 in '09 and everyone was ready to show Friedgen the door.

Give Edsall a chance. He is a very strong recruiter who will keep the home grown kids in Maryland and will also bring top players from nearby football hotbeds like New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. His handling of the death of UConn star defensive back Jaspar Howard last year was a great example of his leadership. Remember the other top candidate for the job Mike Leach was dismissed by Texas Tech, a couple of years ago, for locking an injured player in a closet. Edsall will make Maryland proud both on and off the field.

Area football fans screamed and yelled when the Ravens brought in John Harbaugh 3 years ago. How is that working out? Pretty good I'd say. The Ravens are going to the playoffs for the 3rd straight year...something no other coach in team history has done. Don't be surprised if the Susquehannock grad puts the Terps in their first BCS game in 5 years.

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