Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL Playoff Picture

The Steelers and the Patriots won big divisional games this weekend and now have the inside track on 1st round byes in the playoffs.

If you are a Ravens or a Jets fan-- despite the loss this weekend--you still have the inside track to be the Wild Cards in the AFC. The Jets are 9-3 while the Ravens are 8-4 and have big leads for the Wild Card with just 4 games left in the season.

Oakland, Indy, Sand Diego and The Dolphins are all at 6-6 and 2 games back of the Ravens in the Wild Card Race.

If the Playoffs were to start today in the AFC...New England and Pittsburgh would have byes in the first round. The Chiefs (8-4) would host the Ravens in the Wild Card Opener while the Jags (7-5) would entertain the Jets. You've got to figure in both those wild card games the visitors would be the favorites...setting up regular season rematches for the AFC Divisional playoff round with the Ravens at the Patriots and the Steelers hosting the Jets. The Ravens lost to New England earlier this season while the Steelers host the Jets on December 12th.

The NFC playoff picture is not as clear with close races in 3 of the 4 divisions. Right now if the playoffs were held...the Falcons would be the top seed and Chicago would be the 2nd seed with 1st round byes. The Eagles currently lead the NFC East but have the same record as the Giants but play them one more time this season..the loser there could be in a dogfight for a Wild Card spot. The Saints are in the Wild Card drivers seat with a 9-3 record but they also face the Falcons in the next to last game of the season. There are too many variables in play to determine the 6 NFC playoff teams right now.

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