Friday, December 3, 2010

Eagles Season

Where would the Eagles season be without Michael Vick. Imagine if you would Kevin Kolb as the starting QB all season for the Eagles. I suggest they would be a 6-6...5-7 team at best. Vick has almost singlehandedly propelled Philly to an 8-4 record atop the NFC East.

Last night against Houston he willed them to a 34-24 win. Vick threw for 2 touchdowns and ran for another. Can't imagine Kolb ever being that dynamic. I'm hearing some talk among NFL types that Vick is the NFL MVP. I don't think he wins it but he certainly has been the NFC MVP the first 3 quarters of the season.


Steelers over the Ravens (Sun 7:50 on WSBA)
SEC Title Game-#1 Auburn over #18 South Carolina
Giants beat the Redskins
Patriots over the Jets

Last Week 5-1 Overall 39-23

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