Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Problems in Dallas

So Jerry Jones fired Wade Phillips as the Cowboys coach...too bad he didn't fire the GM. Yes I believe that Phillips should have been fired. The team has gone backwards this season. At the beginning of the year there was lots of speculation that the Cowboys would be the first team ever to host a Super Bowl. That ain't going to happen .

Jones however is the main problem with the team. NFL owners can't serve as GM's. They don't have the chops to do it. Jones is in over his head and as the game gets more and more sophisticated his team is falling further behind the 8 ball. Until he makes a decision to hand over the reins of the team to a qualified NFL professional the Cowboys will remain a 2nd tier team.


Falcons ground the Ravens (Thur 7:50 on WSBA)
Ohio State snaps Penn State's win streak (Sat 2pm on WSBA)
Steelers shutodwn Brady and Pats
Eagles beat the reeling Redskins (Mon 7:30 on 96.1 WSOX)

Last week--3-2
Overall 28-19

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