Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NBA Finals

On Thursday night the NBA Finals get started in L.A. where the Lakers host the Celtics. This is the kind of marque match-up the NBA loves. Kobe and the glitz of L.A. taking on the League's most decorated franchise. I'm not sure David Stern could have orchestrated it better. The only thing he would have preferred is the Lakers take on Lebron and the Cavs. Hey you can't have your cake and eat it too.

I think the Lakers will make mince-meat out of the Celtics. Boston kind of struggled to win the Eastern Finals against the Magic in 6. I wish Orlando had showed a little more heart and guts in the series. In addition to a tired, aging team I just don't think the Celtics can handle the Lakers. The biggest disadvantage for L-A is at point guard where Rajon Rondo is emerging as a star like Chauncey Billups did a few years ago for Detroit. I like the Lakers in 5. That would give Kobe 5 NBA titles and he would REALLY be in the conversation about greatest player ever. When he hits 6 then we will compare him head to head with MJ and declare a winner.

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