Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blown Call

In the light of Jim Joyce's blown call in Tigers' pitcher Armando Galaragga bid for a perfect game many fans and pundits are calling for instant replay on controversial calls in baseball. I'm not a big fan of instant replay and like the human element in the game. Look the NFL has instant replay and it seems to me 50 percent of the time the refs get it wrong upon further review. Look I feel awful for Galaragga and Joyce. The young Tigers pitcher is robbed of a bit of immortality and Joyce is going to live in infamy but I think adding instant replay to all levels of baseball just won't work and will ruin the game.

The only good thing to come out of the game--other than the Tigers win over the Indians--was the conduct of Joyce and Galaragga after the game. Joyce personally apologized to Galaragga and the young pitcher was very gracious in accepting the heartfelt apology.

Some have called for Joyce to be suspended. NO WAY. He blew the call but you can't suspend him for being human. If MLB does suspend Joyce they open a floodgate for every ump to be open for suspension due to a missed call. Leave it alone Joyce is recognized as a good umpire who has worked 2 All Star games and 2 World Series. For all those pillaging Joyce just look in the mirror and tell me you haven't made a mistake on the job that had a significant impact on a coworker. Nuff said!

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