Monday, June 7, 2010

O's manager change

Happy now! The Orioles fired Dave Trembley on Friday and replaced him with 3rd base coach Juan Samuel on an interim basis. Barring a miracle turnaround Samuel will manage the team for a few weeks but at most until the end of the year. It is now time for the Orioles to jettison the kid gloves and get rid of some of the veteran salaries while they have some value. Trade pitcher Kevin Millwood. He has done all that was asked of him but win any games. Most times he goes out and pitches well enough to lose--especially with the way the Orioles score runs. Several top contending teams would be VERY interested in having him in their rotation.

Miguel Tejada been nice knowing you but the Orioles can use the remaining 100 or so games as on the job Major League training for Josh Bell. See if the kid can cut it. Ty Wigginton has been one of the most productive hitters this season for the Orioles--that speaks volumes for the Birds offense. Sorry to see you go Ty but some team looking for a utility player/pinch hitter would be a perfect fit. Finally admit that Garrett Atkins is a the prorated contract and release the guy. He might end up in the Atlantic League at the rate he is going. His roster spot can be taken up by 1st baseman Brandon Snyder or Mike Aubrey. Same treatment as Bell...see if they can hack the majors getting about 400 AB's between now and September. The Orioles have gotten NO production from 1st base and it is killing the team.

This team is destined to be the worst in Orioles history and that is saying something. The 2010 version of the Orioles is currently playing at a .285 clip. Spread that over 162 games and you have a team that finishes at 45-117. The previous worst team was the 1988 Orioles that finished 54-107 after starting the season 0-22! Giving some of the young players a chance to learn on the job will pay dividends down the road that MAY yield results.

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