Friday, March 5, 2010

NFL Free Agency

The Ravens face a dilemma they need to upgrade their passing game but do they do it through the draft or via free agency. I vote for free agency and I will explain why.

The top wide receiver available on the free agent market is Denver's Brandon Marshall. He has been a problem child but aren't most of them. Marshall is a guy who caught more than a hundred passes last season including 21 in 1 game. Yes the Ravens would have to send a 1st round draft pick to the Broncos for signing Marshall but they would probably use that to take a wide receiver anyway. The top receiver in the draft is Dez Bryant out of Oklahoma State. So who would you rather have a proven 100 catch/season receiver in Marshall or a guy who MIGHT be an all pro? If the Ravens draft Bryant they are going to have to give a big contract to their draft pick, close to what it will cost them to sign Marshall, so go for the proven commodity.

Could be an interesting weekend for the purple and black. The decisions they make in the next week could have a huge impact on the 2010 season.

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