Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series

We are up against the World Series and once again I was 50/50 with my LCS picks. I nailed the Phils over the Dodgers but the Halos let me down and lost to the Stinkin's.

So the Fall Classic is set with the Yankees playing for their 27 World Series title while the Phils go for #3 but looking to be the first NL club in over 30 years to win back to back.

OK I'll stop stalling. I think the Yankees win the series in 6. Here is why. Both teams have very evenly matched starting line-ups. Some might make the case for the Phils in the starting line-ups especially in the outfield. I think the starting pitching is very evenly matched as well. The scale tips to the Yankees when you look at the bullpens. The Phils bullpen has been suspect for the 2nd half of the season and their only loss of the NLCS saw their pen implode. Don't look for Joba, Phillip Hughes and Mariano Rivera to be as incendiary as the Phils pen. That's the difference as I see it.

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