Friday, October 23, 2009

Time Management

I think one of the reasons the Ravens defense has given up some big plays--especially late in the game--this season is the fact they are playing more time this year than last year. The Ravens offense has been so efficient in scoring quickly that it is leaving the defense on the field 4 minutes longer per game than last year. That means the defense is playing 15 percent longer per game. In the NFL these days the longer your defense is on the field the less you have a chance of winning. Take a look at the statistics. The teams with the lowest time of possession on defense are the top clubs. The Giants, Patriots, Saints, Steelers and Vikings are in the top 10 of defense time of possession. I know this sounds amazing but the Ravens offense needs to actually score a little slower to help out the defense.


#13 Penn State over Michigan (Sat 2p on WSBA)
#24 Kansas beats #25 Oklahoma
Vikings over Steelers
Eagles over Redskins (Mon Night 7:30 on 96.1 WSOX)
Giants over Arizona

Last Week 4-3 Overall 26-12

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