Monday, October 12, 2009


For a second straight week the Ravens suffered a disappointing loss. The Ravens offense struggled against a much improved Bengals defense Sunday but still put the team ahead with 3:19 left. The Ravens defense again came up short and the problem seems to be in pass coverage. The defensive backs were unable to cover the Bengals Chad Johnson Chris Henry and Andre Caldwell. The trio had 12 catches for 219 yards in the win. Several times the Ravens were also flagged for pass interference or illegal use of hands. Teams are going to continue to try and pass on the Ravens. Despite giving up 120 yards on the ground to Cincy running back Cedric Benson the passing game was the key to the Bengals moving the ball. I know this is hard to believe, for many Ravens fans, but right now the Birds offense is better than the defense. We haven't seen that in about a decade.

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