Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool aid

Let's put things in perspective for the Ravens. They are 3-2 after losing 2 very close games in the last 2 weeks. Games they could have won...some might say should have won. Lets compare things to last year. After 5 games last season the Ravens were 2-3 following a terrible 31-3 loss to the Colts. I think too many of us drank the national media cool-aid that had the Ravens as the BEST team in the NFL. That was obviously wrong. In fact I pretty much figured they would be 3-2 after the first 5 games. I knew they would beat the Browns and Chiefs. The big surprise is the win over the Chargers in week 2 in SD. I figured that was a loss as was the loss to the Pats in New England. The Ravens have always struggled against a healthy Carson Palmer, although I thought the offense would have a better game on Sunday, but they did give the Ravens the lead with 3:19 left in the 4th quarter after an amazing catch and run by Ray Rice. If the defense--especially the defensive backs--stepped up and made a few plays in the final drive the Purple and Black would be 4-1 heading to a huge game against the Vikings.

The next 3 games will define the Ravens. They are at Minnesota, host Denver and are at Cincinnati. Win 2 of 3 good...take all 3 and they are back in the elite of the NFL discussion. The defense better figure out a way to make stops! Plain and simple.

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