Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top Big 10 QB

I find it very interesting that the Big 10 media have picked Terrell Pryor of Ohio State as the preseason offensive player of the year. I guess my media brethren in the Big 10 haven't heard about Darryl Clark of Penn State and Juice Williams of Illinois. Both these guys have the chops to be the top offensive player in the league. Pryor has been hyped since the day he walked on campus in Columbus and the media have bought into it. I think quietly Clark had a great season in 2008 and will only get better with another year of experience under his belt. Williams is one of the quietest great players in the Big 10. I wouldn't be surprised if Clark and Williams have better seasons than Pryor.

#9 Penn State opens the season on Saturday against Akron. Airtime is 10:30a on WSBA.

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