Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ready for some football

I'm back from vacation tanned, rested and ready for the start of the college football and NFL seasons.

Penn State will start the season as a top 10 team and its early schedule will not really test the team very much. Their toughest test in the first month of the season will be Iowa at the end of September. I'm sure the Lions will be pumped up to play the Hawkeyes after their disappointing loss in Ames last year. I'm very interested in watching the growth of QB Darryl Clark. He is not mentioned among the elite QB's in college football but I think he could be a very good NFL QB in the making. He has the size, arm and scramble ability to be a factor in some of the NFL schemes that are becoming all the rage.

Tomorrow night is a very important night for Michael Vick. The disgraced QB will make his debut for the Eagles in the pre-season game against the Jags. Vick is fighting to be the back-up to Donovan McNabb in Philly and will need to really prove himself in real game action. It will be very interesting to see how much rust he has after spending the past 2 years in prison. Might be lots of eyeballs watching this one--including mine.

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Rich said...

Yes, but will we be able to hear the Eagles game on radio in York County?