Monday, September 21, 2009


Wanted to compare a decision the Ravens made to one the Eagles made on keeping a team leader.

In the off-season the Eagles showed all pro defensive back Brian Dawkins the door. Yes his production was not equal to what he did earlier in his career but what the Eagles defense lacks now is leadership. All this over a few million dollars. The Ravens faced the same situation but kept future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. Lewis' production is down but he's still the heart of the defense. His play Sunday to stop Darren Sproles with the game on the line proved the point. Lewis knew exactly where Sproles was going and stuffed the play. The Eagles need some real leadership on defense and Dawkins would have provided it. Wonder if Andy Reid is questioning his decision back in the winter. FYI Dawkins has been pretty good for the 2-0 Bronocs with 17 tackles. The average of 8 and a half tackles per game is actually higher than his average of about 5 per game last season in Philly.

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