Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picks for this weekend

Good week last week 5-2 but didn't see the Ravens win over San Diego or the Steelers losing in Chicago. Got to figure Jeff Reed makes one of those missed 4th quarter field goals to give Steelers the win. I think both the AFC North foes have some major worries. The Ravens defense has given up a ton of big plays in their first 2 games. The Steelers worry is on the offense where they have rushed for only 141 total yards. The Steelers running backs have averaged just over 3 yards per carry. If they don't get better production out of the running game teams will start dropping into coverage and making life very difficult for Big Ben. Keep an eye on this.


#5 Penn State loses to Iowa (Sat 6:30p on WSBA)
Ravens dump Browns (Sun 12:30p on WSBA)
Eagles over Chiefs (Sun Noon on 96.1 WSOX)
Steelers down the Bengals
Sunday Night Football--Colts over Cards
Monday Night Football--Dallas over Carolina

Last week 5-2
Overall 10-3

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