Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just up the road

Golf fans in South Central Pa should really consider making the short drive up to the Lehigh Valley to watch the Women's US Open @ Saucon Valley. We get very few opportunities in our area to watch professional golf. I really enjoy watching the women golfers. Unlike the men I can relate to the game they play. The best women golfers will be playing a golf course that will be about 67 hundred yards. That is at the edge of my comfort zone. Remember that the U-S Open at Bethpage was over 75 hundred yards. No one but the P-G-A pros can play to that length. Heck they had 4 par 4's over 500 yards!

You will find very fan friendly players and not the huge crowds like they had at Bethpage. Spend the day walking the grounds of one of the great golf courses in our country...or pick a hole and watch how the women work their magic. This will also serve as a prelude to the 2015 Women's U-S Open to be played right here at home over at the Lancaster Country Club.

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