Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jimmy Rollins

After sitting for the last 4 games Phils All Star shortstop Jimmy Rollins will be back in the line-up tonight in Atlanta. The former MVP is hitting 211 so far this season and that just isn't going to cut it if the Phils hope to be a pennant contender. J-Roll is the spark at the top of the line-up for the Phillies. One of the reasons the offense has struggled this season is his inability to get on base.

All that said what is 4 days on the bench going to do? Guys like Rollins are used to playing everyday. What is the other alternative--send him to the minor leagues! Phils skipper Charlie Manuel has done this before with Rollins. But in the previous cases it was mostly a discipline thing. Rollins had stepped out of line the Charlie was going to show him who was the boss. This is not about Rollins being a bad citizen this is a slump pure and simple! Extra BP and patience are the answers here not sitting one of the NL's best shortstops.

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