Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stadium names

I was watching the Brewers-Indians game on Monday Night. The game was played at Progressive Field...where is that! Progressive Field is actually the old Jacobs Field in Cleveland. I had a friend who attended the Giants-A's game over the weekend at AT&T Park. Is that Stadium in the East or West Bay! This is actually the home of the Giants nee Pac Bell! Here is the problem with the naming rights for these stadium...companies are sold and go out of business meaning the names change. Some of these stadiums/arenas have seen name changes several times. Some folks living in the home cities of these facilities aren't sure of the names. All of you know that I'm no fan of Orioles owner Peter Angelos. In my personal opinion he is the worst owner in baseball but I will give him this he has never sold the naming rights to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I hope when he sells the team the new ownership isn't tempted to sell off the naming rights to the home of the Orioles. That would be a travesty!

I wonder if the sale of Wachovia Bank to Wells Fargo will lead to a 4th name change to the home of the 6ers and Flyers. The building started as the Corestates Center...then was the First Union Center and is currently the Wachovia Center....but is the Wells Fargo Center in the offing.

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