Monday, May 4, 2009

Reality TV

I just don't get reality TV. Never watched Survivor, American Idol, Greatest Race or Big House. I'm not a fan of contrived reality. I go for the real thing. I love the reality of a 50-1 horse racing along the rail to win the Kentucky Derby or a game 7 of any sporting series. That is reality not that junk that you see on some of those other so called reality shows.

The Orioles play of late doesn't bode well for the team. They have lost 6 straight and 14 of their last 17. It is hard for fans to think this team has any hope of putting a winner on the field in the near future. The best news I guess is the woeful start will hasten the arrival of some of the team's top prospects including Catcher Matt Wieters. Could be a long summer at Camden Yards.

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Anonymous said...

Yes i know, i so can't watch those shows, i love horse racing and stuff like that. Keep up the good blog Jeff.
P.s Star trek comes out in one month!!! campin out!!!
D.C. is the man!