Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best & Worst

This may not come as a surprise to Orioles fans but Sports Illustrated has rated Peter Angelos as the worst owner in the game. What took them so long to figure this out. O's fans have known this for 10 years. Over the 15 years he has owned the team Angelos has made the wrong decision almost every time. Things however aren't that bleak. Angelos may finally have figured it out that he needed to put top professionals into key positions and stop meddling. His hiring of Andy McPhail as team president a few years ago looks to be Angelos' best decision. McPhail is a true baseball guy and has started the rebuilding of the Orioles from the inside out. No more quick fixes. The team is trying to develop young talent while it tries to compete in the very tough A-L East. Maybe the Orioles will make the post-season in the near future. Hopefully by then Angelos will sell the team and get back to what he knows...being an attorney.

The flip side of Angelos is Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. He is ranked as the 5th best owner in the league. Bisciotti has done it right. He has made the tough decisions--like firing Brian Billick--when needed but let the football people do their jobs. The Ravens front office is one of the most admired in the NFL with Ozzie Newsome making all the right moves on and off the field.

Hey things could be worse crabtown fans you could be a DC sports fan. They have one of the worst baseball owners in the Nats Ted Lerner and one of the worst football owners in the Redskins Dan Snyder!

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