Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About time

Yesterday Major League Baseball announced start times for this year's World Series games will be just before 8pm. What took so long! If the game is to grow among fans MLB needs to cultivate youngsters who love baseball as little leaguers. With the 8:35 and ofter later start times of the post-season games many of these games are ending long after the kids have gone to bed. For that matter many of the kids parents are in the sack when the final out was recorded. In my personal opinion the start time should be 7:15 eastern time. That would have most games ending around 10-10:30. That makes itEarlier start times will help this but I think MLB needs to start the games even earlier tha possible some of the young kids could actually stay up to watch the whole game. In addition the Saturday games should be played in the late afternoon.

If you were a Phillies fan you had to stay up past midnight last season to see Brad Lidge clinch the Series. Frankly I think only diehards were still awake! What a shame.

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