Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New ballparks

The 2 new stadiums in New York are open for business. The Mets opened their $850 Million stadium with a loss to the Padres earlier this week and the Yankees lift the lid on their new $1.2 Billion digs on today! The amazing thing is the new Yanks facility has about 2 percent of their total seats with obstructed views. How is this possible. Did they hire blind architects? Who is going to sit in those seats and be satisfied with the view...never mind the price they pay for the seat.

Early reviews on the new stadiums are pretty good but one has to wonder who the facilities were built for. The average fan is not going to be able to afford to attend games. When I was a kid growing up in the Metro New York area I wouldn't think twice about hoping on mass transit and heading to either Yankee Stadium or Shea to see a game. Usually cost a few bucks to sit in the upper deck and enjoy a game. That ain't happening when even the cheap seats are out of reach for just about everyone.

The amazing thing to me is that Oriole Park is in its 17th year and is still the crown jewel of the new retro ballparks. Plus there are plenty of cheap seats for fans who want to catch a game at the Yards.

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