Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wonder how long the Philadelphia Flyers and 6ers will last in the playoffs. I think the Phillies will be the only team playing come May.

The Flyers lost to the Pens 4-1 last night and haven't played very well heading to the post-season. I suspect they will be ousted in the first round of the Cup playoffs by the Pens. As for the 6ers forget about it! They have no chance against Dwight Howard and the Magic. You do have to give coach Tony Dileo credit. When he took over the team from Mo Cheeks, early in the season, most didn't think Philly could make the playoffs. Will be interesting to see what direction the 6ers go in the off-season.

How bad has it gotten for Michigan football when they have to go to the Duke basketball roster to find a QB. Devils Senior Guard Greg Paulus has met with Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez about trying out for QB for the Maize and Blue. Paulus was the top high school Quarterback when he decided to go to Durham to play for Coach K. He was interested in playing for the Blue Devils but they are already set at that position! That leads me to the conclusion that Duke has a better QB situation than Michigan. How does that happen!!!! Paulus would have 1 year of eligibilty.

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