Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've said this a few times but the NCAA Men's Tournament is going to be one of the most volatile in years. I had a very difficult time doing my brackets (for entertainment purposes only) this year!

Here goes my Final 4 is--Louisville, Memphis, Pitt and Butler--yes the Bulldogs. I think Butler will be in the most interesting bracket. Both of the top 2 seeds are very vulnerable. North Carolina can't win the national title without ACC player of the year Ty Lawson. They will lose to the Bulldogs this weekend in the 2nd round of the tournament. The Dawgs will then take out Gonzaga to get to the Regional finals. Oklahoma is going to stumble when they lose in the regional semis to Syracuse next week. Goodbye top 2 seeds in the South Regional.

My other early round surprises are Missouri over Utah State, Maryland beats Cal, VCU over UCLA, Temple dumps Arizona State and Michigan beats Clemson.

FYI I have Louisville and Pitt in a Big East Title game with the Cards walking off with the title next month.

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