Thursday, January 15, 2009

Title games

Local football fans have had a good month or so. If you are a Ravens, Steelers, Eagles or Penn State fan you have had a lot to cheer about. The Ravens and the Steelers will play for the AFC Title Sunday in Pittsburgh while the Eagles are in the NFC Title game against the Cards. At the beginning of the season many people felt the Steelers and the Eagles were Super Bowl contenders but not the Ravens. This was supposed to be a rebuilding season for the Purplebirds! Not according to Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh.

Penn State goes to the Rose Bowl and despite the loss to USC in the New Year's day game the Lions finish out the season ranked #8. Many didn't think the Nittany Lions were a top 10 team. Darryll Clark and friends showed how wrong pre-season predictions are.

Before I give my picks for the weekend..I want to urge you to read a story from Sports Illustrated. The piece is by Pulitzer Prize winning sportswriter Mitch Albom about his hometown Detroit. A sad but curiously uplifting commentary about the downtrodden city and its sports teams. Give it a read it will make you have a little more sympathy for those in that depressed town.


Steelers over Ravens
Eagles beat the Cards

LW 3-2 Overall 60-38

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bboeckel1 said...

the other day i heard mr schiffman(forgive the spelling)make referrence to santonio holmes iq.instead maybe he should have made reference to the iq of ravens players oh thats right your there affilliate.maybe you should do what you did w/the other losers from baltimore the orioles and drop the ravens and cover a semi pro team.