Sunday, November 9, 2008

No National Title

Lots of Penn State fans were celebrating a trip to the National Title game after the win a couple of weeks ago at Ohio State. Now what! The Lions played their worst game of the season and lost on a late field goal to Iowa. Undefeated season...gone!....National Title chance...gone! This is the 3rd time in 5 years that Penn State has lost to Iowa after a bye week. The cream rises to the top in college football and frankly the cream looks like Florida and Texas Tech. I think if either of those teams played Penn State the Nittany Lions would get clobbered. In back to back weeks the Red Raiders have beaten #1 Texas and #5 Oklahoma State. In my mind that gives them the #1 ranking over Alabama which needed overtime to beat LSU on Saturday. The Gators appear to be hitting their stride after an early season loss to Ole Miss. I don't think any team in the SEC has the horses to stop Florida including the Crimson Tide who they will meet in the League Championship game.

What does Penn State have to play for about a Big 10 title. The Lions host Indiana and Michigan State the next 2 weeks. Wins in those games and they are the Big 10 champs and heading to a BCS game. If I had told you at the beginning of the season that Penn State would be 11-1 and in a BCS game I think most fans would be thrilled considering their 2 toughest games of the season were on the road at Wisconsin and Ohio State. Enjoy the season but sorry no 3rd National Title for Joe Paterno. They wouldn't have won in the national title game against Florida, Texas Tech, USC, Texas or Alabama anyway.

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