Friday, November 7, 2008

NBA Season

Why does the NBA and NHL season start so early? Here are 2 leagues that can't get any traction for their games before the New Year. The NBA and the NHL are fighting the NFL , College football and the baseball post-season for the attention of the sports public. Does anyone care that the Celtics downed the Rockets the other night in a battle of a couple of teams that could meet in the NBA Finals? NO! These 2 leagues have the longest seasons of any of the major sports and then playoffs that last nearly 2 months! Shave a quarter of the games from the season...start just before X-mas...and both leagues could thrive!


Penn State over Iowa (2pm Saturday on WSBA)
Ravens make it 4 straight as they dump Texans (3:45 Sunday on WSBA)
Steelers dump the Colts
Giants beat Eagles
Patriots clip the Bills

Last Week--3-2

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