Tuesday, October 21, 2008

World Series

The World Series is set to start in Tampa on Wednesday evening (8p on ESPN 1440) and the sexy pick early on is the Rays. Sorry Phillies fans you have no worst to first story but I think in the long run the Phillies are the better squad.

What does it take to win the World Series--pitching, hitting and bullpen! The Phils are probably better in all 3 aspects of the game. Starting pitching is pretty even but I like the experience of Cole Hamels, Brett Myers and Jamie Moyer in the post-season. I also wonder which Scott Kazmir the Rays will be getting. The guy who was great in his last outing but very hittable before that. As for the hitting the Phillies have one of the best hitting line-ups in baseball. Doesn't get much better than J-Roll, Victornino, Utley, Howard & Burrell. One of those guys is going to be the Series MVP if the Phils win. The starkest difference between the teams is the bullpen. The Phils has been one of the best all season long...the Rays aren't sure who the closer should be. Look for the rookie David Price to be the closer but he is truly untested-remember he was pitching in Single A at the start of the season! You can't say that about Brad Lidge! Big Advantage Phils.

I like the Phillies in 6!

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