Friday, October 17, 2008


The baseball players union says teams conspired to keep Barry Bonds out of baseball this past season. No kidding. Who would want that cancer in their clubhouse. Bonds is a joke. However it would be interesting to see how much "power" Bonds would have off the juice.

Interesting poll by Sports Illustrated out earlier this week on the Top NFL Stadiums. M&T Bank Stadium ranks 4th overall in the rankings. I have to say the atmosphere for Ravens games is great. Several family members have attended games and really enjoyed the experience. Also some interesting insights into the changed atmosphere in Philly with the opening of the Linc. Remember folks at the end of the day it is about entertainment. We all want to go the nicest movie theater to watch the latest flick...shouldn't your NFL experience be the same.


#3 Penn State over Michigan (Sat 3pm on WSBA)
Dolphins over Miami (Sun 12:30 on WSBA)
Steelers keep Bengals winless
Browns top Washington
Patriots lose 2 straight as they fall to the Broncos

Last week--3-4

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