Monday, October 6, 2008

Ravens Loss

Lots of Ravens fans--and players-- are moaning about the questionable roughing the passer call on Terrell Suggs in the Titans final drive. I understand the angst but in the long run the defense has to step up and make a stop! Yes the penalty was ticky-tacky considering what had happened earlier in the game but its not like the play moved the ball into the Red Zone. The call moved the ball up to the Titans 40. Fans and players are forgetting the Ravens got flagged for having 12 players on the field later in the drive! Come on...if you can't make plays at the end of the aren't going to win.

Joe Flacco looked like a rookie for the first time this season. He made some terrible throws. However the rookie stood up before the media after the game and said he played poorly and needs to do better. I think he will! The Ravens are going to get better as the season goes on and could walk out of their next 3 games with at least 2 wins...maybe even 3 if they can find a way to shut down Peyton Manning Sunday in Indy--(12:30 on WSBA).

The Phils have a good chance of making the World Series for the first time in a decade and a half. You have to like them in the series with the Dodgers. They match up very well against L.A. I do think the series will be dominated by pitching. Wouldn't be surprised if it went 7.

Will the Cubs have to wait another 100 years to win a World Series. Could be. This year's team was built for the World Series. Great pitching and a solid lineup with a seasoned manager. Poff! Gone in 3 straight! I think the Cubs--who clinched in what seemed like July--didn't play any meaningful games for the final month of the season and I think that took the edge off the team. Look at the Dodgers and Phils....they were in races down to the end and that showed in their 1st playoff series.

In case you missed it the NHL season got started with action in Europe over the weekend. In Stockholm the Pens and Senators split games while in Prague the Rangers beat Tampa in both their games. This was a smart move by the NHL. The league has lots of European players and a growing fan base. Why not start the season over in Europe. In fact since the baseball playoffs and the NFL hog up so much of the sports airtime why not have the whole league play its games in the month of October over in Europe!

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