Friday, October 3, 2008

Post-season baseball

The Phillies have looked great in the post-season with 2 terrific wins at CB Park. One thing championship teams need is good starting pitching, clutch hitting and a strong bullpen. All 3 have been on display in the first 2 games against the Brewers. Cole Hamels and Brett Myers looked like Koufax and Drysdale in their prime in the first 2 games. Clutch hitting by Chase Utley and Shane Victorno backed up the starters. Brad Lidge was a bit shaky in the 1st game but was solid in game 2. Helps to have 3 run leads in both of the close situations. Wouldn't be surprised if Jamie Moyer closes things out Saturday night--airtime is 5:35 on ESPN 1440-- in Beertown.

OK so I've not looked that good in the other 3 Divisional Series. The biggest surprise to me is the play of the Cubs. They have looked like a team that doesn't deserve to be in the post-season instead of the club that came in with the best record in the Senior circuit. We'll see if Sweet Lou can pull off a minor miracle. I guess the curse lives on the South Side!


Penn State stays unbeaten at Purdue (Sat 10:30 on WSBA)
Titans dump Ravens in a defensive battle (Sun 12:30 ON WSBA)
Redskins beat the banged up Eagles
Jax trip the Steelers
New Orleans takes the Monday nighter from Minnesota

Last Week 2-3 Overall 14-8

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