Friday, September 5, 2008

Trouble in Happy Valley

More trouble for the Penn State football program. 3 players suspended for Saturday's game against Oregon St. When are these yahoo's going to realize they have to be completely above board. Despite the fact that thousands flock to games at Beaver Stadium the players are still a target in town. The players have to realize they need to be perfect citizens. The latest incident involved music being played to loud at an off-campus apartment. When cops arrived they allegedly found a small amount pot. It seems that all major college football programs have their problems. I don't have the answer but it seems to me a little common sense on the part of the players is warranted here.

The season gets started for the Ravens on Sunday and it could be a very long year. I like to look at teams and try and evaluate 3 things...quality of Quarterback...quality of coach and quality of team defense. The only factor that works in the Ravens favor is the defense. Rookie Q-B Joe Flacco might be the signal caller of the future but I'm sure the team would love to see a more veteran--read here injured QB Kyle Boller--in the role. When Troy Smith is over his illness maybe he can take back the starting job from Flacco but he has only 2 starts in his career. OK now to the coach. John Harbaugh might turn out to be a great coach...but not this year. The team still has a great defense but it might be all for naught! On top of all that the team has a very hard schedule--4th most difficult in the whole NFL. So if they win 6 games that will be a spectacular feat!

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