Monday, September 8, 2008

NFL Week 1

Some thoughts on week 1 of the NFL season. Get out the crying towels for the Patriots. The apparent loss of Tom Brady with a knee injury makes them an 8-8 team at best. No team in the NFL revolves around its QB more than the Patriots. Their aging defense can't afford to have an offense that goes 3 and out numerous times during the season. Word is the team will try out a number of replacements including former Bucs QB Chris Sims. Unlike last year the Pats won't be getting a pass in their division. The Jets played well under Brett Favre and the Bills looked great in smashing the Seahawks. Could be a long fall in New England--especially if the Sawx don't make the baseball post-season.

Great start of the season for the Ravens, Steelers and Eagles. All 3 were impressive in their wins. The Ravens have a new hero in Joe Flacco. The rookie QB was unflappable in the win over the Bengals. He made no major mistakes and had a couple of big passes dropped by receivers. I guess Ozzie and company knew what they were doing when they selected the U-D signal caller. The Steelers and Eagles quarterbacks played as expected. Donovan McNabb looked like the player of old and Big Ben was solid for the Steelers. Could a Steelers-Eagles Super Bowl be in the offing? Big test for the Eagles a week from tonight as they take on division rival Dallas.

Look it up the Titans were the only AFC South team to win...and they lost their quarterback. Tennessee beat Jacksonville but Vince Young spent the end of the game on crutches. The Colts and Texans also suffered losses. Yeah I know it is just Week 1...maybe a trend but maybe not.

A very interesting first week of the season.

One other thought if tennis really wants to become more popular it needs talk to some of its players--read Andy Murray here--to get them to clean up their act. Murray looks like someone pulled him out of a homeless shelter onto center court. If you can't grow a beard...don't try!!!! And also get the TV networks to turn off the court mics. All that grunting is awful.

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