Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rays Run

One of the most compelling stories this baseball season has been the rise of the Rays. The team was built around pitching and defense. You've got to hand it to the ownership of the team. They stayed the course despite years and years of losing. The tragedy in all of this is that NO ONE goes to Rays games. Despite being a pennant contender all season long the team rests near the bottom of attendance in the Majors. What a shame. I realize that Tropicana Field is not an idle place to play but true Tampa Bay sports fans should be flocking to see this every entertaining team play.

Here is another reason why I hate Fantasy Football. If you picked Tom Brady as your quarterback you are screwed. Last season he passed an NFL record 50 touchdowns. This year ZERO. Root for your favorite team and forget being a Fantasy Geek.


#17 Penn State over Syracuse (Saturday 2pm on WSBA)
Texans over the Ravens (Monday Joined in progress after Revolution baseball on WSBA)

Steelers dump the Browns
New Orleans beats the Redskins
Cowboys beat the Eagles in the Monday nighter
Jets over the Pats

Last Week 4-2 Overall 4-2

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Doug Walters said...

Aw, come on. You're just mad because you drafted Brady, aren't you!