Monday, July 28, 2008


Well Red Sox slugger/flake Many Ramirez has told the team that he is tired of them and wants to be traded. Amazing how this guys manages to create controversy every year. Ramirez is making noise because he wants a new contract from the Red Sox. Boston holds options for 2009 and 2010 to keep Manny at 20 million for each season. Ramirez doesn't think that's enough. We can argue over whether Man Ram deserves more $$$$ from Boston...but save it for the end of the season. The Red Sox are in the middle of a pennant chase and I don't think they will be trading their top offensive lets put that to rest. This is more than Manny being Manny....this is a selfish player possibly wrecking the team's chemistry for his own purposes. When the season is over the Red Sox can work on moving Manny in a blockbuster deal...but right now they need him to be a good citizen.

I'm tired of the Brett Favre drama. I like the stance of the Packers says to Favre that they are not interested in having him back. They have moved on so should Brett. If Favre really wants to play he should just accept the team the Packers can make a deal with. The Jets and Bucs are the "leading" contenders for #4's services.

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