Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have long been a fan of open wheel racing and still enjoy watching those 200 MPH rockets glide around the track. I have a huge amount of respect for the drivers who are handling cars that cover a football field in about a second. Despite all that I do have to throw IRL darling Danica Patrick under the bus. She has become the Tony Stewart of open wheel racing. Her recent tirade at another female driver Milka Duno, because she was going slow, was just stupid. She looked a little kid during the tirade. Now Duno didn't do herself any good by throwing a towel at Patrick twice. This is the 2nd high profile blow-up by Patrick. She looked like she was going to duke it out with Ryan Briscoe after he ran into her during the Indy 500 knocking her out of the race. You may think I'm being chauvinistic but that is far from the truth...if another driver acted like Patrick I'd rip them too!

Had a cosmic moment on the golf course yesterday. My first eagle! Par 5 3rd hole at Four Seasons in Landisville. Perfect drive about 285...leaving me 250 to the green. Hammered a Utility club to about 20 feet right of the pin and drained the putt. Pretty good overall round as well. Shot a 78...amazing what happens when you hit the ball straight off the tee. I think I had maybe 2 poor drives all day. Anyone who has played with me knows my famous left turns off the tee have kept me at a 15 handicap. I'll probably be back to my upper 80's next time out!

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